Scholarship Questions Answers Class 4 Students

Scholarship Questions Answers for Class 4 Students. Below are some commonly asked Questions and Answers for Scholarship exams such as World Bamboo day, Diet is the Parliament of which Country, Phillumeny means etc. The quiz is intended to students who are preparing for Quiz Competitions and School Test. The answers to this Class 4 Questions are given below.

10 Scholarship Questions for Class 4 Students

1) World Bamboo day is observed on _____.

a) September 28
b) September 18
c) September 22
d) September 26

2) The English Translation of Jana Gana Mana is _____.

a) The morning song of India
b) The evening song of India
c) The original song of India
d) The interesting song of India

3) Sea Land was the old name of _____.

a) Ontario
b) Texas
c) Geneva
d) Denmark

4) Diet is the Parliament of _____.

a) China
b) Nepal
c) Japan
d) Bhutan

5) Phillumeny is the hobby of collecting _____.

a) Coins
b) Match Boxes
c) Feather
d) Stamp

6) _____ has the oldest national flag.

a) China
b) Cairo
c) Denmark
d) Tibet

7) _____ was world’s first adhesive postage stamp.

a) Penny Black
b) Penny White
c) Red Penny
d) Penny Blue

8) Doordarshan started broadcasting in the year _____.

a) 1958
b) 1959
c) 1960
d) 1961

9) The study of _____ is known as Vexillology.

a) Tickets
b) Cars
c) Flags
d) Clothes

10) Numismatics is the hobby of collecting _____.

a) Stamps
b) Pens
c) Flags
d) Currency

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Answers to Scholarship Questions for Class 4 Students

1) B) September 18
2) A) The morning song of India
3) D) Denmark
4) C) Japan
5) B) Match Boxes
6) C) Denmark
7) A) Penny Black
8) B) 1959
9) C) Flags
10) D) Currency

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