History Quiz for High School Students

History Quiz Questions and Answers for High School Students. Below are some commonly asked Questions and Answers about Indian History and Word History. This quiz is intended to students who are preparing for Scholarship exams and School Test. The answers to these Questions are given below.

10 History Questions for High School Students

1) _____ is considered as oldest civilization of the world.

a) Egyptain Civilization
b) Chinese Civilization
c) Harappan Civilization
d) Mesopotamian Civilization

2) World War I commenced in the year _____.

a) 1924
b) 1920
c) 1914
d) 1910

3) In the year _____ Bangladesh was formed as Separate Country.

a) 1981
b) 1971
c) 1961
d) 1951

4) Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus.

a) Brutus
b) Mark Antony
c) Pompey
d) Napolean

5) The first man to reach _____ Pole was Robert E. Peary.

a) South
b) West
c) East
d) North

10 History Questions for High School Students

6) John F Kennedy was assassinated by _____.

a) Karl Marx
b) Jacob Frye
c) Lee Harvey Oswald
d) Kyle Massey

7) The famous British one-eyed Admiral was _____.

a) Lee Harvey Oswald
b) Horatio Nelson
c) Jacob Frye
d) Kyle Massey

8) The person who is called the father of modern Italy is _____.

a) Giuseppe Garibaldi
b) John Cena
c) Robert Wadlow
d) George Clooney

9) The first president of Egypt was _____.

a) Mohammed Morsi
b) Mohamed Ali Jinnah
c) Mohammed Rafique
d) Mohamed Naguib

10) Rome was founded around _____.

a) 1200 BC
b) 1000 BC
c) 1400 BC
d) 1600 BC

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Answers to History Quiz Questions for High School Students

1) D) Mesopotamian Civilization
2) C) 1914
3) B) 1971
4) A) Brutus
5) D) North
6) C) Lee Harvey Oswald
7) B) Horatio Nelson
8) A) Giuseppe Garibaldi
9) D) Mohamed Naguib
10) B) 1000 BC

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