Assistant Professor Exam PSC Repeatedly Asked Questions

Assistant Professor Exam PSC Repeatedly Asked Questions and Answers. This model general knowledge quiz is also aimed for those who are attending KPSC Exams such as Security Assistant, Lower Division Clerk, Female Warden, Staff Nurse Grade II etc. There are 10 General Knowledge questions and answers in this model test. Check out the answers at the bottom of the post.

10 Assistant Professor Exam PSC Questions

1) Who was the youngest Chief Minister of Kerala?

a) K. Karunakaran
b) R. Shankar
c) A.K.Antony
d) E.K. Nayanar

2) 321-185 BC was the period of _____.

a) Gupta Empire
b) Maurya Empire
c) Ay Empire
d) Chola Empire

3) _____ drafted the preamble of the Indian Constitution

a) Jawaharlal Nehru
b) Dadabhai Naoroji
c) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
d) Gandhiji

4) _____ crosses the Equator twice.

a) Yangtze River
b) Kabani River
c) Narmada River
d) Congo River

5) Amalgams are the alloy of _____.

a) Sodium
b) Mercury
c) Manganese
d) Chlorine

6) Peace Palace is situated in _____.

a) Texas
b) Tennessee
c) Hague
d) Cairo

7) Akbar propounded Din Ilahi in the year _____.

a) 1782 AD
b) 1682 AD
c) 1582 AD
d) 1482 AD

8) The liquid metal is _____.

a) Mercury
b) Zinc
c) Lead
d) Carbonate

9) The religion which has no holy scripts is _____.

a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Jainism
d) Shintoism

10) Which of the following is a controversial film for display?

a) Treasure Hunt
b) The Great Escape
c) Davinchi Code
d) Hamlet

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Answers to Assistant Professor Exam PSC Repeatedly Asked Questions

1) C) A.K.Antony
2) B) Maurya Empire
3) A) Jawaharlal Nehru
4) D) Congo River
5) B) Mercury
6) C) Hague (Netherlands)
7) C) 1582 AD
8) A) Mercury
9) D) Shintoism
10) C) Davinchi Code

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