9 Indian States having Coastline

There are only 9 Indian States that have Coastlines. The total length of coastline of India including the coastlines of Lakshwadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea and Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal is 7517 km. While the length of Coastline of Indian mainland is 6100 km. The state in India with the largest coastline is Gujarat. Andhra Pradesh is the second state having largest coastline. Goa is the state having smallest coastline in India.

The list of the nine Indian states having coastline are

9 Indian States having Coastline1) Kerala
2) Tamilnadu
3) Karnataka
4) Andhra Pradesh
5) Gujarat 
6) Goa
7) Maharashtra
8) Orissa
9) West Bengal

India ranks 15th among the world nations having the longest coastline.

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