PSC Previous Typist Question Papers and Answers Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of Kerala PSC Typist Grade II question papers with answers and explanations. This part of the solved Typist Question paper features 25 questions and answers with majority of them related to Typing Skills and General awareness related to typewriter (typing machine), letter making, and also quiz questions related to Microsoft Office such as MS Excel, MS Word and MS Power Point. The first part of the question paper can be seen in a previous post by general knowledge quiz blog. This solved question paper is from Kerala PSC Typist Grade II exam held on 13th November 2010.

Kerala PSC Previous Typist Grade II Question Papers Part 2

1) ‘To address’ is typewritten on bottom left side of the

A) Business letter
B) Personal letter
C) Official letter
D) D.O Letter

2) Subject is typewritten in a letter

A) On the top of the letter
B) Before the reference
C) After the reference
D) Left bottom of the letter

3) Mainspring is situated in a machine

A) Inner Right side
B) Under the Universal Bar
C) Inner Left side
D) Middle of the Machine

4) Which defect results a Jerky Motion?

A) Low tension of the Carriage
B) High tension of the carriage
C) Bad condition of the ribbon
D) Poor quality of the paper

5) O.P represents in a court matter?

A) Out patient
B) Office proceedings
C) Original Petition
D) Outstanding performance

6) After a full stop leave

A) One space
B) Two space
C) Two Spaces
D) Any space

7) Mainspring and carriage is connected with

A) Draw Hand
B) Carriage Rack
C) Loose Dog
D) Pinion wheel

8) The part which is used to make words in typewriting?

A) Shift key
B) Back space key
C) Space Bar
D) Tabulator Bar

9) The salutation which is commonly used in Official Letter

A) Respected Sir
B) Sir
C) Dear sir
D) Dear with name

10) A statement is typewritten by leaving left and right margin as

A) 10 degree and 15degree
B) 5 degree and 10 degree
C) Equal margin
D) 10 degree and 5 degree

11) A part which is used to move the carriage towards the right side

A) Space bar
B) Key button
C) Back space key
D) Tabulator bar

12) How many line-space adjustments in the typewriter?

A) Three
B) Four
C) Two
D) Five

13) Which key is known as dead key in the Malayalam Typewriter?

A) Semi-Colon
B) Chandrakala
C) Hypen
D) Underscore

14) With reference to the letter__ above

A) Sited
B) Sighted
C) Sitted
D) Cited

15) To merge selected records, specify the conditions in the __ dialog box

A) Query options
B) View Merged Data
C) Insert Merge Filed
D) Data Form

16) A __ can store pre-defined text, page set-up Auto text entries, Styles etc

A) Document
B) Template
C) Wizards
D) Data Form

17) __ helps you to get a good idea about what you would get on printing the current document

A) Print preview
B) Print View
C) Print Layout
D) Page Layout

18) __ is a special text that is printed at the top of each page

A) Title
B) Header
C) Footer
D) Borders

19) The most useful functions of a spread sheet are

A) Lines and pictures
B) Formulas and graphs
C) Fonts and borders
D) Labels and envelops

20) Excel displays the address of the active cell in the

A) Formula bar
B) Status bar
C) Tool bar
D) Menu bar

21) To select non-adjacent columns key the __ key pressed while clicking the mouse on the column border

A) Ctrl
B) Shift
C) Alt
D) Tab

22) If you copy a cell containing=B6-B4 to the next column in the same row, the copied cell would contain

A) =C6-C4
B) =B7-B5
C) =B7-B4
D) =C5-C4

23) When you start word, it automatically creates a document and names it?


24) The $ sign before the row and column number indicates that the cell address is

A) Absolute
B) Relative
C) Reference
D) Mixed

25) __ function is used to calculate the maximum value in the specified field of a database based on specified criteria



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Answers to Kerala PSC Previous Typist Question Papers Answers Part 2

1) D) D.O Letter
2) B) Before the reference
3) C) Inner Left side
4) B) High tension of the carriage
5) C) Original Petition
6) C) Two Spaces
7) A) Draw Hand
8) C) Space Bar
9) B) Sir
10) C) Equal margin
11) C) Back space key
12) D) Five
13) B) Chandrakala
14) D) Cited
15) B) View Merged Data
16) B) Template
17) A) Print preview
18) B) Header
19) B) Formulas and graphs
20) A) Formula bar
21) A) Ctrl
22) A) =C6-C4
24) C) Reference
25) A) DMAX


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